Forage Maize

Countrywide can offer a wide portfolio of maize varieties, suitable for any location and requirement.

Variety choice is vital to ensure maximum yields of high quality silage. Below is the product information on our main varieties but for information on our full range or for any further information please call the arable office on 01386 429795 or email

Very Early



Pioneer Seed Variety

Maize starter Fertiliser

Very Early

Kaspian Maize Seed (Very early maturity 13)

PDF Kaspian Brochure

Kentaurus Maize Seed (Very early maturity 12)

PDF Kentaurus Brochure

Emmerson Maize Seed (Predicted Very early maturity 12/13)

PDF Emmerson Brochure

Activate Maize Seed (Very early maturity 12)

PDF Activate Brochure

Sergio Maize Seed (Very Early maturity 11)

PDF Sergio Brochure

PDF New Varieties Offer Better Feed Efficiency

Es Ardent Maize Seed (Very early maturity 11)

PDF Es Ardent Brochure

Es Picker Maize Seed (Very early maturity 10)

PDF Es Picker Brochure

Perez Maize Seed (Predicted early maturity 9/10)

PDF Perez Brochure

Ascender Maize Seed (Early maturity 9)

PDF Ascender Maize Brochure

Es Regain Maize Seed (Very early maturity 9)

PDF Es Regain Brochure

Kougar Maize Seed (Very early maturity 9)

PDF Kougar Brochure

Severus Maize Seed (very early maturity 9)

PDF Severus Maize Brochure

Ambition Maize Seed (Very early maturity 9)

PDF Ambition Brochure


Es Ballade Maize Seed (Early maturity 8)

PDF Es Ballade Brochure

Dominator Maize Seed (Early maturity 8)

PDF Dominator Maize Brochure

Es Marco Maize Seed (Maturity 7)

PDF Es Marco Maize Brochure

Dualto Maize Seed (Maturity 7)

PDF Dualto Maize Brochure

Cathy Maize Seed (Maturity 7)

PDF Cathy Maize Brochure


Ambrosini Maize Seed (Late maturity 6)

PDF Ambrosini Maize Brochure

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Pioneer Maize Seed Varieties

P6862 Pioneer Maize Seed - Extra early

PR39V43 Pioneer maize seed – Very early

P7892 Pioneer maize seed – Very early

P7524 Pioneer maize seed – Early

P7905 Pioneer maize seed – Early

P8057 Pioneer maize seed – Early

Justina Pioneer Maize seed – early

P7631 Pioneer Maize seed – Intermediate

P8200 Pioneer Maize seed – Intermediate

For full information on the Pioneer maize seed range please download the PACTS book

All customers of Pioneer maize seed will become members of the Pioneer business club and will benefit from a number of additional offers and bonus payments. Please download the business club leaflet here.

Maize starter Fertiliser

Maize Fertiliser Nutrition

Maize has the potential to make high quality silage. A good crop must grow very rapidly so requires;

Maize must form good root systems;

Farm yard manures & Slurries are a valuable source of nutrients for maize crops, but may not do it all………

Nutrient uptake by maize




Countrywide can offer a choice of 2 maize starter fertilisers in 25kg and 600kg bags. Call the arable office on 01386 429795 for current prices.

  Maize Kicka

 Maxi-Maize Placement Fertiliser

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