Rural Services

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Countrywide offer a wide range of services, further information on these can be obtained from your local sales specialist.

Countrywide Partnership Services

The Partnership Services Package is exclusive to Countrywide dairy customers and includes the following services:

The partnership of Countrywide and Kingshay Dairy Manager continues to flourish and provides an independent costing service which is specially designed for Countrywide fed herds. Feeding Countrywide Dairy Feed could be your root to success, and with Countrywide Farmers Partnership Services we can provide the full Dairy Management package to achieve increased profits.

Countrywide Analytical Services

These include soil testing, tissue analysis, manure testing, SAP testing, water analysis and many more.

Forage Mineral Analysis

Grass, Silage and other forages can be analysed and minerals supplied to your specification.

Pre Cut Silage Testing

This service analyses grass for dry matter, sugars and nitrates and provides guidance, via fax report, on the suitability of crop for ensiling.

Livestock Marketing

Countrywide, in partnership with Meadow Quality offer a Livestock Marketing Service. This aims to maximise returns by adding value at each stage of the livestock production chain and therefore making Meadow Quality, and its partners, an indispensable part of the meat supply chain.

For further information contact your local sales specialist.
You can also call Meadow Quality direct on 01789 734100 or visit their website at