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Press releases from Countrywide:

3rd November 2014 New Welsh nutritionist for Countrywide team
15th October 2014 Countrywide Pet Event, September 2014
15th September 2014 Safety is Critical for Homeowners as They Prepare to Warm Up For Winter
11th September 2014 ‘Coals to Newcastle’ coup for Countrywide Grain
August 2014 Pick your moments….. Buying Opportunities if you’re looking!
August 2014 Great winter deals at Equestrian weekend
28th August 2014 Mild winter impacts trading results for Countrywide Farmers
28th July 2014 Leading rural business offers innovative delivery service to online shoppers
25th July 2014 Countrywide Farmers in export first
July 2014 'Back to basics' rebuilds dairy success
12th June 2014 Horse & Hound, Is your grazing damaged?
30th May 2014 Welsh dairy herd breaks into the premier league of top producers
May 2014 Just the jods...
May 2014 What can I do to minimise the impact of flies on my horse this summer?
May 2014 New FEC service – count on Countrywide
April 2014 UK equestrian specialists launch Forage Analysis Service
9th May 2014 Death of a Director.
7th May 2014 Liphook Countrywide and Denes Country Store saddle up together.
20th March 2014 Managing Acidosis at Grass.
6th March 2014 Countrywide customer in Wales one of the UK’s top yielding herds – article in Cow Management magazine.
27th February 2014 Mild autumn impacts first half results for Countrywide Farmers
21st February 2014 Countrywide Farmers chooses DOGS for the DISABLED as Charity of the Year 2014
18th February 2014 Directorate Change at Countrywide Farmers
7th February 2014 Get your paddocks into the best condition ahead of Spring
31st January 2014 New Countrywide Farmers Store for Glastonbury
5th December 2013 Countrywide Farmers acquires Abergavenny Farm Supplies
26th November 2013 ‘Store of the Year’ in Melton Mowbray

New Welsh nutritionist for Countrywide team

Carwyn James, Farmers Apprentice finalist 2014, has been appointed as Ruminant Nutritionist in West Wales at Countrywide Farmers plc, the UK’s leading supplier of products, advice and services to the rural community.

Currently a finalist in the Farmers Apprentice programme being run by Farmers Weekly, Carwyn will be responsible for Ruminant Nutrition in West Wales, where his local knowledge and Welsh language skills will add value to Countrywide’s customers. He is undergoing the award winning Countrywide training programme which includes an in depth course at Harper Adams on dairy nutrition to hone his existing knowledge.

Having been part of the Fresh Start Dairy Academy and the Tesco Future Farmers Foundation, Carwyn has been pro-active in furthering his knowledge and skills. A fourth generation farmer, he farms in partnership with his mother and brother. The 300 acre farm, based in Pembrokeshire has300 breeding ewes and 70 Hereford sucklers, however Carwyn is also looking at diversification options to develop the farm further.

Mr James, said: “I am really excited to take on this role, like many in agriculture I know that there is a bright future and plenty of opportunities to succeed. I’ve always made sure to stay focussed, learn from those more experienced and worked hard. I’m looking forward to developing my knowledge with Countrywide.”

Speaking of Carwyn’s appointment, Alistair Folly, Countrywide’s Agricultural Director, commented: "Carwyn has the essential package that we look for in a new team member, he is knowledgeable, enthusiastic and has the support of his community; we are delighted to have him as part of the growing Countrywide team.”

Mr. Folly continues, “At Countrywide the recruitment process is important in attracting the right people. We are currently visiting with all the leading universities to showcase the graduate opportunities we have. However we would like to highlight that while a degree is desirable, we can see that talented young people such as Carwyn who have shown drive and determination and have practical experience in the industry can be just as knowledgeable.”

Countrywide Pet Event, September 2014

Coverage of the Countrywide Pet Event, September 2014

Safety is Critical for Homeowners as They Prepare to Warm Up For Winter

Householders and businesses that use LPG for heating are being urged to ensure all gas appliances have been checked and serviced as winter approaches, to avoid the potential for deadly gas leaks, fires and carbon monoxide poisoning.

UKLPG, the trade association for the liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) industry has issued the stern warning as part of Gas Safety Week (15-22 September), an event co-ordinated every year by the Gas Safe Register.

Rob Shuttleworth, chief executive of UKLPG, explains: “Every year thousands of people across the UK are diagnosed with carbon monoxide poisoning. It is a highly poisonous gas which can kill quickly with no warning and just one of the many reasons that gas appliances need to be serviced and checked every year by a Gas Safe Registered installer.

“It is vitally important to invest in proper boiler and heater maintenance, including portable LPG heaters that may have been stored in a garage or shed over the summer. Calling in a Gas Safe registered fitter to service and safety check your appliances is a small price to pay for the safety of your loved ones.

“Illegal gas fitters can put lives at risk, so always check the engineer’s Gas Safe Register ID card, and if you rent your property make sure you see a copy of the landlord’s gas safety record confirming that a gas safety check has been carried out within the past 12 months.”

Warning signs that a gas appliance isn’t working properly include lazy yellow or orange flames instead of crisp blue ones, black marks on or around the appliance and too much condensation in the room.

Audible carbon monoxide alarms should be fitted at homes that use gas appliances. Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning include headaches, dizziness, breathlessness, nausea, collapse and loss of consciousness.

For gas safety advice or to find and check an engineer visit the Gas Safe Register website at

‘Coals to Newcastle’ coup for Countrywide Grain

4,400mt of milling wheat exported to France marks a ‘coals to Newcastle’ coup for Countrywide Grain.

“It is very rare for France to import milling wheat,” says Grain Manager for Countrywide Farmers, Edd Britton, “and has only happened once in the last 13 years. This year a wet early summer in France has hit quality meaning more feed wheat and a lot less milling wheat, this leaves France struggling to meet existing commitments. We were able to upgrade feed wheat contracts and pay big premiums at a time of year when wheat is hard to move and premiums are under pressure.”

The milling wheat cargo which left Poole on 19th August follows Countrywide Grain’s first shipment in July - a major milestone for the Amesbury based team which was established in 2013 from Heart of England Grain and the SM Hackett and Son businesses, both already owned by Countrywide Farmers.

The Amesbury office has now exported 11,600mt at harvest out of Poole comprising 3,000mt of feed barley to Ireland, 4400mt of milling wheat to France, 2200mt of OSR to Germany and 2000mt of OSR to Belgium.

“This is an exciting development following so quickly on the back of our first export,” says Grain Manager for Countrywide Farmers, Edd Britton. “Securing such innovative opportunities, good, honest trading, and building strong relationships are all essential as we continue to grow and expand our business.”

Pick your moments….. Buying Opportunities if you’re looking!

By Colin Shepherd, Northern Commodities Manager, Countrywide Farmers

Since our last update almost all markets have seen significant falls in price. We have seen wheat drop by around £35/t and Soya drop by anywhere between £17/t to £50/t depending on the position. On the back of this, all other products have followed, be it rapemeal, distillers, maize, soya hulls or any raw material that a bovine can utilise!

Why has the market fallen so much?

The graph below shows current predicted increases in soya production over the past three years.

Given another very good year for crops for both Grains and Oilseeds, this year will see ending stocks increase significantly helping ease prices. The crux of it, and the question we get on a daily basis, “are we at the bottom of the market”, is difficult to answer with great confidence with a yes – we haven’t seen this weight of supply for a while and we are working through the potential scenarios here on in. But we believe the following advice stands;