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Countrywide Farmers' shares have been traded on an auction based market now known as Asset Match since 28th April 2006. Asset Match was previously called Sharemark and is operated by The Share Centre, one of the UK’s largest independent stockbrokers.

Sharemark was established in 2001 and is designed specifically for smaller companies. Whilst larger companies may be quoted on the London Stock Exchange, Asset Match provides a similar facility for smaller companies, such as Countrywide Farmers plc, allowing shareholders and investors to buy and sell shares.

In order to trade shares, you will need to use a stockbroker.  You can trade shares via your existing stockbroker in the usual way.  However, many people who trade shares on Asset Match do so through The Share Centre.  They will be able to help you buy, sell and monitor the value of your shares and keep up to date on Company announcements.

The Asset Match website shows bids to buy shares and offers to sell, with the share price set at each monthly auction by calculating the single price at which sell side supply and buy side demand meet .

Important Information

If you are considering using Asset Match you should be aware that it’s designed primarily for smaller companies and investing in these companies tends to be riskier than investing in larger, more established companies. Whilst Asset Match does try to make all the procedures as simple as possible, you still may find it hard to buy and sell the investments traded on Asset Match, principally because there is a comparatively small audience of investors associated with each company.

Prices of investments traded on Sharemark may fluctuate and could be subject to sudden and large falls in value against your interests, as a result you may, as with all investments, get back less than your initial investment.

Asset Match constitutes a Multilateral Trading Facility and is not a recognised investment exchange, recognised clearing house or regulated market within the meaning of the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive. However, The Share Centre Limited is a member of the London Stock Exchange and is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Asset Match auctions will take place on the last Friday of every month.

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A PDF download of the Asset Match Q&A booklet is available from their website.

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Dealing Telephone : 01296 41 42 43

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