New Trucks

Welcome to the 'new trucks' page. Keep it bookmarked as we will be adding a photo gallery soon with all your favourite trucks and shows ... so watch this space.

Lady Alison

Lady Alison is the first of two 23 tonne LPG tankers for Countrywide. It is an uprated 18 tonne vehicle with the increased capacity being achieved by the use of a mini mid-lift axle. It has an LPG Propane capacity of approximately 17500L.

Lady Alison is also the first of four LPG tankers ordered that will run Mechtonic meter systems; a proven system that we have had on our fuel tankers for three years. The tanker is based at our Finmere Depot and mainly operates in the Oxfordshire and Warwickshire area. It has been in operation since early November and with its underside flood lighting is ideal for the darker mornings and evenings.

The front of Evolution.

Lady Alison.


In 2010 a brand new truck rolled into Defford to join the Countrywide transport fleet.

With its eye-catching branding and decoration (depicting farming through the ages) the ‘Evolution’ is a distinctive and prestigious addition.

Evolution is driven by Darryl Scarth who has been with Countrywide for four years. It will be used to pull a curtain sided trailer taking products to our stores and for general Countrywide haulage.

The front of Evolution.

Paul Workman and Darryl Scarth in front of Evolution.

The back of Evolution.

Rear paintwork of Evolution.