Countryclub Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Countryclub Frequently Asked Questions

We appreciate that the introduction of Countryclub and Countryclub PLUS may seem a little confusing for our customers who already have a Countrywide Rewards card. Here are your options:

  1. You can switch your Countrywide Rewards Card to a Countryclub card – just ask a member of staff in store.
  2. Or you may prefer to continue using your usual Reward Card – you’ll still receive your points and be able to take advantage of all our Countryclub offers. We’ll just be calling them ‘Countryclub points’ in future.
  3. For even greater rewards upgrade to Countryclub PLUS – double your points and enjoy the many benefits of NFU Countryside.

Frequently Asked Questions

► How does the scheme work?

The Countryclub scheme is very straightforward; as soon as you're registered, you start receiving reward points for transactions you make:

  • In our country stores, as long as you present your card
  • Against your energy purchases (once you've registered your card with our energy team)
  • Or with purchases through our online store as long as you use the same email address that you've registered for your Countryclub card.

Quarterly you will then be e-mailed vouchers to print out and redeem in store on products of your choice. *Exclusions apply.

  • Autumn Vouchers – w/c 26th August 2013 – Valid from 1st September to 31st December 2013
  • Winter Vouchers – w/c 25th November 2013 – Valid from 1st December 2013 to 31st March 2014
  • Spring Vouchers – w/c 10th March 2014 – Valid from 10th March – 30th June 2014
  • Summer Vouchers - w/c 26th May 2014 - Valid from 1st June - 30th September 2014

Issue dates are subject to change if technical issues arise in generating the vouchers.

► Can Shareholder Privilege card and Account holders benefit from a Countryclub Card?

The Countryclub card cannot be used in conjunction with a Shareholder Privilege Card or for purchases made on account. This is because there are other other benefits / discounts such as lower prices and free delivery associated with these schemes.

If you are an account customer you can still have a Countryclub card but it will only be valid for cash, debit or credit card transactions.

► Why do I need an email address?

The scheme is administered electronically and your vouchers will only be sent to your registered email address.

► What can I do if I don't have an email address?

If you do not have your own email address you can use a relative's or friend's. Alternatively, you can use local facilities like your library to create an email account and access your emails through the library service.

► How long will it take for my card to arrive?

It may take up to 14 working days from the date you made your application for your card to arrive (although we do endeavour to issue them sooner wherever possible).

► When do I start collecting my reward points?

As soon as you have received your Reward card you can use it in-store.You will need to register your card with our Energy team to start collecting points on your energy purchases.

Call 0800 169 1735 to register your card with our Energy team.

► Do I need to have my card with me to earn points?

Your Countryclub card must be presented at the time of the transaction to be swiped at the till.

► Can I earn points when I shop online?

As long as you use the same email address as that registered to your Countryclub card you’ll earn points for any purchases you make online at

► How much can I earn in points?

There is no limit and the more you spend the more you are rewarded. The value of the points you earn will depend upon the type of card you have.

If you have a Countryclub card:

You earn 2% of the value of every transaction you make. So, for every £1 you spend in store you will earn 2 points and each point is worth 1p in rewards. The minimum value of a voucher is £1. You will have to have spent £50 in the relevant issue period to be entitled to receive a voucher.

If you have a Countryclub PLUS card:

You earn 4% of the value of every transaction you make. So, for every £1 you spend in store you will earn 4 points and each point is worth 1p in rewards. The minimum value of a voucher is £1. You will have to have spent £25 in the relevant issue period to be entitled to receive a voucher.You can boost your points balance and save even more with our bonus points offers and events. Remember to check the emails we send you so you don’t miss out.

► Will my till receipt tell me how many points I've earned on transactions?

Your receipt will show that you have used your card with that transaction, but it will not show how many points you have collected.

You can view your Countryclub account, transactions and the points you have earned online at:

Your login details will be included in your welcome letter. You can retrieve these at any time by contacting: or call 0800 121 6809.

► Can I get points for Energy and Agricultural purchases?

At this time customers cannot earn points for Agricultural purchases. However Energy purchases do earn rewards at the following rates:

Energy Type Customer Type Loyalty Card Terms


Bulk Domestic Yes .25 points per litre
Commercial No N/A
Agriculture No N/A
Bottled (domestic)   Yes .5 point per Kilo
Autogas   Yes .25 points per litre


Heating Oil Domestic Yes .25 points per litre
Commercial No N/A
Agriculture No N/A
Derv Fuel Card No N/A
Forecourt Fuel at Upton Store No N/A
Gas Oil/ Tractor Diesel   No N/A


Wood Pellets   Yes 100 points per tonne
Commercial Gas   No N/A
► How do I earn points on my energy purchases?

If you already have a Countryclub card just call 0800 169 1735 to register your card with our Energy team.

If you don’t yet have a Countryclub card simply get in touch on 0800 121 6809 quoting OL1 to request one.

► What happens if my card is faulty, lost or stolen?

Please return your card or inform your local store and they will arrange for a new card to be issued.

Alternatively, you can email us at or call us on 0800 121 6809  and we will guide you through the process.

► How do I redeem my Countryclub vouchers?

Vouchers can be redeemed at all Countrywide stores excluding Countrywide Association stores such as Welland Valley Feeds, Country Keeper, Heart of England Daventry and Heart of England Newmarket. Vouchers are not accepted in the Garden Machinery Workshop at Ledbury. You must have your Countryclub card with you when redeeming your voucher in store.

► Can I redeem my vouchers online?

Vouchers can be redeemed against purchases made at  You will see an online code to use on the email which accompanies your voucher. This code is unique to you and your Countryclub card.

► My voucher won’t print - what should I do?

All vouchers have a code, (an LA code) which allows the voucher to be activated. A copy of the LA code for your current voucher is included on the mailing that was sent out to you with the voucher. Take a note of the LA code into your local store along with your Countryclub card and our staff will be able to apply your discount.

► I can’t log onto my Countryclub account – what should I do?

To access your Countryclub account online visit

First of all make sure that you copy and paste the details into the log in screen or type them from the welcome letter you received confirming your Countryclub card account registration. The data is case sensitive and it can very easily become corrupted. The best way to avoid this is to copy and paste the information which should then allow you to log in.

If you are still unable to log in please contact us at confirming your Countryclub number, postcode and email address in order for us to investigate. Alternatively you can call us on 0800 121 6809.

► I forgot my Countryclub card when I last visited a store – can the points be added?

This is a service that Countrywide are unable to offer. You must present your card at the time of purchase in order to collect your points in store. We are unable to add them at a later date.

► My email address has changed – what should I do?

Please contact us at confirming your Countryclub card number, previous email address and new email address to allow us to update your details.

It is important you tell us of any email changes otherwise your Countryclub vouchers won't reach you.

► I have checked my statement and have not received some of the vouchers that should have been sent to me?

Please double check your email spam and junk mail folders to make sure that the email has not been blocked. Please then contact us at with your details confirming the vouchers which you have not received in order for us to investigate.

► I have a Countryclub PLUS card and would like to know more about my NFU Countryside benefits. What should I do?

If you have a question relating to your NFU Countryside benefits please contact the NFU directly: NFU Customer Helpline: 0870 840 2030

Existing Cardholder FAQs

► Is my Countryclub card any different to my Countrywide Rewards card?

Countryclub offers you exactly the same benefits that you already get with Countrywide Rewards. Your reward points will be converted into vouchers to spend in store and emailed to you four times a year. We’re simply giving our scheme a new name and will look to add more ‘club’ features and benefits over time.

► I already have a Countrywide Rewards Card. Do I have to switch to a Countryclub card?

Going forward our rewards scheme will be referred to as ‘Countryclub’ and you’re welcome to have one of our new cards. However if you decide not to request one your existing reward card will continue to be accepted and earn reward points in the usual way every time you use it. Please be aware, though, you must present your card every time you want to earn points on your purchase. So if you’ve lost your Reward Card ask for a new Countryclub card today so you can keep earning rewards.

► How do I switch my Countrywide Rewards card to a Countryclub card?

Just ask a member of staff to request a new Countryclub card for you. We’ll need to note down a few details but it’ll only take a minute or two and there’s no form for you to complete. You’ll be given your new Countryclub card to use straight away. Make sure you hand your old card in or destroy it when you get home.

► Members of my family also have a Countrywide Rewards Card that is linked to mine so we all earn points on our purchases. Can they have a Countryclub or Countryclub PLUS card too?

Other members of your household may have a card linked to yours. If you have a Countryclub card they can ask for an additional card in store. If you take out a Countryclub PLUS card they’ll need to contact us at:  Or call us on 0800 121 6809.

► I pay for most of my purchases in Countrywide on account. Can I also use a Countryclub or Countryclub PLUS card for these purchases?

Countryclub and Countryclub PLUS cards may only be used for purchases made with cash, or a debit or credit card.

► What do I need to apply for Countryclub PLUS?

Just your existing Countrywide Rewards card number if you have one (you can check this with a member of staff if you haven’t got your card to hand). You’ll need to set up a direct debit for the annual Countryclub PLUS fee so you will also be asked for your bank or building society details. Remember that applications for Countryclub PLUS can only be made online. You can apply in store at one of our kiosks.

► If I upgrade to Countryclub PLUS will I receive the extra reward points benefit straight away?

As long as you enter your current Countrywide Rewards card number when you apply, your existing card will be updated immediately to start earning 4 points for every £1 you spend instead of the standard 2 points. You can continue using your Countrywide Rewards card until your new Countryclub PLUS card arrives in the post. Remember to destroy your old card once you receive your new one.

► I’m already a member of NFU Countryside. Do I need to apply for a Countryclub PLUS card in order to receive the extra benefits?

You will automatically be sent a Countryclub PLUS card. This will also become your new NFU Countryside membership card. Any reward points that you collect between the launch of the Countryclub scheme and the date that you receive your new card will be doubled so that you benefit from 4 points per £1 spent as soon as the new Countryclub PLUS scheme commences. Where data permits we will associate your existing Countrywide Rewards Card and NFU Countryside membership but you may need to update these online if we’re not able to do this automatically.

Countryclub/Countryclub PLUS Terms and Conditions

  1. The Countryclub/Countryclub PLUS card is open to applicants from the UK aged 18 or over.
  2. To participate in the Countryclub/Countryclub PLUS scheme you must have a valid email address and accept email marketing from Countrywide.
  3. The Countryclub/Countryclub PLUS scheme remains the property of Countrywide Farmers plc, who reserve the right to decline issue, amend, withdraw or terminate the scheme at any time. In case of any withdrawal or termination of the Countryclub PLUS scheme, cancellation of the scheme will not result in cancellation of the NFU Countryside membership.
  4. The Countryclub/Countryclub PLUS scheme is not a credit or guarantee scheme, and can only be used in participating Countrywide Stores.
  5. The scheme is only valid for Countrywide Country Store purchases.
  6. The benefit may be subject to change and the voucher will only be valid for the benefit applicable to the scheme at the time. No cash alternative to vouchers will be allowable. Countryclub PLUS vouchers may not be used in part or full payment of the annual Countryclub PLUS fee.
  7. The scheme cannot be used to qualify for additional benefit from any special offer voucher/sale item and/or discount for the same transaction.
  8. The promoter of the card is Countrywide Farmers plc.
  9. This scheme cannot be used in conjunction with a Countrywide Staff Discount, Shareholder Privilege card or account purchases.
  10. The Countryclub/Countryclub PLUS card is not valid in Countrywide Association Stores such as Welland Valley Feeds, Country Keeper, Heart of England Daventry, Heart of England Newmarket, or in the Garden Machinery Workshop at Ledbury.
  11. It is the cardholder’s responsibility to notify Countrywide of any changes to their email or name and address details, either by email (, by telephone (0800 121 6809) or by contacting their local Countrywide store.  Failure to do so may result in loss of vouchers.
  12. The following products are excluded from the Countryclub/Countryclub PLUS scheme: commercial LPG, commercial heating oil, agricultural heating oil, fuel card, forecourt fuel at Upton Store, gas oil, tractor diesel, commercial gas, direct sales of agricultural products.