Countrywide is committed to supporting and supplying the rural community

Being a shareholder has its privileges...

Countrywide is the leading UK business in the supply of products and advice to the rural community. The company has three specialist areas - Agriculture, Energy and Retail trading throughout the UK to market town and country customers, with products available through sales specialists, direct sales team, country stores and e-commerce. Countrywide understands how things work in the rural community, providing an authentic range of rural products,seasonally selected supported by knowledgeable staff. Countrywide has over 4,000 Shareholders, 40,000 account customer and employ over 1000 members of staff.

Welcome to the Shareholder Privilege Card

Countrywide Shareholder Priviledge CardCountrywide is proud of its heritage and recognises the loyalty shown by many thousands of Shareholders to the Countrywide business over the years.

As recognition of this loyalty and confidence in our business we are proud to offer the Shareholder Privilege Card. This will entitle those Shareholders with 3000 Countrywide shares or more to obtain a 5% discount on any of our retail products purchased in any Countrywide Country Store. The Card can also be used to shop on-line at provided you have pre-registered your email with Countrywide by contacting Group Services.

Click here to download a copy of the Privilege Card Application Form Pdf icon or call Group Services on 01386 429 500 or e-mail

Key questions about the Shareholder Privilege Card

Q: What is the card for?
The card entitles the named card holder to a 5% discount on any of our retail products purchased in any Countrywide Country store (Terms and Conditions apply).

Q: Are there any exclusions?
Discount will not be given on cash back, any concession businesses trading on any Countrywide Retail site, cigarettes or fuel or any special discounts. We also cannot give discount on services offered by Countrywide such as rug cleaning, photocopying or energy products.

Q: How many cards can I apply for?
Each named Shareholder can apply for up to 2 cards for the benefit of spouse or Company Directors or their officers.

Q: How do I pay for items once I have received the discount?
You can pay for items either on your Monthly Account, or by cash or credit / debit card.
Please note that if you opt to use your monthly account, discount will only be visable on your till receipts not on your monthly statement which will show a net value.

Q: How many shares do I need to hold before I can apply for a card?
Shareholders must own and maintain the current minimum application level of 3,000 shares to qualify and use the card.

Q: What do I do if I don’t have enough shares but would like to apply for a card?
You will need to purchase shares to reach the qualifying amount. Shares can be purchased through ShareMark.

Q: What is ShareMark?
Countrywide established share trading in April 2006 on an auction based market known as ShareMark. In order to buy or trade shares, you will need to deal directly with ShareMark. The ShareMark website shows bids to buy shares and offers to sell, with the share price set at each monthly auction by calculating the single price at which as many orders as possible will be filled. ShareMark can be contacted on 01296 414 243.