Growth Regulators


MAPP No: 15626

Contains 120g/l trinexapac-ethyl

Maintain is a plant growth regulator that reduces vertical growth producing a more compact sward, enhancing playing surface and reducing yield. Not only does Maintain inhibit vertical growth, it also diverts plant growth laterally and into the root system to produce increased food reserves and improve anchoring. This process produces a thicker, healthier sward that enhances the turf’s ability to withstand weather extremities, traffic and weed ingression.

Maintain is tank mixable with a range of soluble and liquid fertilisers, for use on all fine and coarse turf.

  • Reduces mowing frequency
  • Produces a more compact sward, improving playing surface
  • Enhanced colour and visual appearance
  • Increases root mass and lateral growth
Pack SizeApplication RateWater Volume
5ltr 0.2-3.2ltrs/ha 200-500ltrs/ha


MAPP No: 15435

Contains 120g/l trinexapac-ethyl

Clipless is a plant growth regulator for use on all areas of amenity grassland and managed amenity turf. It works by blocking the production of gibberellic acid within the plant leaf, stopping cell elongation and upward growth. This results in a more compact growth habit.

Energy is diverted away from vertical growth towards lateral growth and root development, providing a closer, denser sward. The turf requires less mowing, with potential savings of manpower and cutting machinery costs.

  • Reduces turf height an improves sward density
  • Cuts down on mowing frequency
  • Excellent tank mix partner with Xtend 46.0.0 and Elevate Fe
Pack SizeApplication RateWater Volume
5ltr 0.2-3.2ltrs/ha 200-400ltrs/ha