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Pitchmark is a family-run business and was founded in order to raise the standard of line marking and to improve the quality of working life for grounds staff. The founder member, Mark Rodman, has over 30 years’ experience in the horticultural and amenity sector, both as an engineer and a groundsman.

Pitchmark is a supplier of line marking paint and equipment to the sports and leisure industry worldwide. Their products are sold and used in over 20 countries worldwide, and were supplied to all 12 stadia and 32 training camps at the FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014. Our wide range of line marking products are suitable for any level of user, for any sport, and on any surface.

Pitchmark was formed in 2010 after several years of Mark developing products alongside a UK paint manufacturer. It soon became clear there was an opportunity to export line marking paint and launch the Pitchmark brand on a global scale and so the journey began.

Pitchmark is continuing research and development with many new, exciting and innovative ideas. These new products will improve the standard of line marking for groundsmen and greenkeepers across the world.

The range

Transfer RTU

A simple, thick, ready to use paint for transfer wheel markers. No mixing, just pour and go.


A bright and durable concentrate paint which can be mixed up to 7:1 for spray markers. Clubline is available in a wide range of colours.


A high-end concentrate with extra brighteners that can be mixed up to 10:1 for spray markers. Very bright and long lasting, perfect for the winter months.

Usage chart

Pitchmark Classic-100
Pitchmark Classic-100
  • Add 3 litres of Clubline to 4 litres of water and mix well (per pitch).
  • One drum will mark 3+ pitches.

Transfer RTU
  • Ready-to-use, 7 litres per pitch.
  • One drum will mark 1.5 pitches.

Transfer RTU
Spray Marker e.g. Eco Club Spray Marker e.g. Eco Club Clubline
  • Add 3 litres of Clubline to 10 litres of water and mix well (per pitch).
  • One drum will mark 3+ pitches.
  • Add 2 litres of Extreme to 11 litres of water and mix well (per pitch).
  • One drum will mark 5 pitches.
Eco Club marker with greenkeepers boom Eco Club marker with greenkeepers boom

Ecoline Plus

High quality, advanced technology, low-consumption ready-to-use line marking paint for spray markers. Dries quickly to give an extremely durable and very bright white line.


  • Broad spectrum of disease control – Fusarium, Anthracnose, Take All Patch, Leaf Spot, Fairy Ring, Brown Patch and Rust
  • Systemic movement
  • Natural origins – ideal for ITM programmes
  • Maximum of 4 applications per year


Eco Club Service KitGreenkeeper's Spray BoomInitial Marking Kit
Eco Club Service Kit Greenkeeper's Spray Boom Initial Marking Kit

Linefix Kit

LineFix is a unique, innovative system specially developed for the remarking of sports pitches.

Products Available:

  • LineFix Kit: 30 sockets (in blue, white, yellow or orange), 6 pins, 1 key and a carry bag
  • Socket Refill Pack (10 sockets in blue, white, yellow or orange)
  • Pin Refill Pack (10 pins)
  • Replacement Key


  • Discreet - installed under the surface but still easy to find
  • Save time by not having to measure you’re pitch every season – leave sockets in the ground
  • Ultimate accuracy – string out directly from your sockets

The LineFix system was supplied to each of the 12 stadia at the FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014™ to assist with ensuring line straightness and accuracy for goal line technology.

Sports Equipment

Through the UK’s leading manufacturers, Countrywide supply an extensive range of Sports and Golf Course equipment to the UK's major sporting venues. We are distributors for Mark Harrod, TJ Golf & Leisure, BMS & Tildenet.

  • Golf
  • Football
  • Cricket
  • Rugby
  • Tennis
  • Netball
  • Hockey
  • Volleyball
  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Athletics

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