Selective Herbicides

Relay Turf Elite

MAPP No: 17192

Contains 19.5g/l dicamba, 245g/l MCPA and 43.3g/l mecoprop-P

Relay Turf Elite is a market leading, broad spectrum, selective herbicide for turf and professional lawn care.

  • Broad spectrum selective weed control
  • Mecoprop-P content for clover control
  • Low application rate
Pack SizeApplication RateWater Volume
5ltr 5ltr/ha 200ltrs/ha


MAPP No: 13258

Contains 500g/l 2,4-D as the dimethylamine salt

Depitox is a single active, selective herbicide controlling a host of key weeds in general turf and amenity grassland.

  • Low application rate
  • Controls key turf weeds including plantain and creeping buttercup
  • Tank mixable with Relay Turf Elite
Pack SizeApplication RateWater Volume
5ltr 2.8ltrs/ha 200-700ltrs/ha


MAPP No: 15762

Contains 20g/l clopyralid, 40g/l fluroxypyr and 200g/l MCPA

Interfix is a highly effective selective herbicide for use on all sports turf areas including golf greens. Utilising 3 modern active ingredients - fluroxypyr, clopyralid and MCPA, Interfix kills a broad range of weeds via systemic and residual action.

  • Micro-emulsion technology increases uptake
  • Controls a wide range of weeds, including Daisy and Chickweed
  • Can be used on young grass only two months after sowing
Pack SizeApplication RateWater Volume
5ltr 4ltrs/ha 200-700ltrs/ha


MAPP No: 13948

Contains 144g/l fluroxypyr and 2.5g/l florasulam

Cabadex is a unique formulation combining the two powerful actives – florasulam and fluroxypyr.

  • Controls difficult weeds such as yarrow and yellow suckling clover
  • Can be used on newly sown turf (from two-leaf stage)
  • Foliar and root uptake
Pack SizeApplication RateWater Volume
5ltr 2ltr/ha min 200ltrs/ha


MAPP No: 17289

Contains 144g/l fluroxpyr, 80g/l clopyralid and 2.5g/l florasulam

Mogul is a systemic post emergence herbicide combining three modern active ingredients and two different modes of action. Mogul rapidly enters target weeds travelling through the whole plant to give complete weed destruction.

  • Selective, systemic post emergence herbicide
  • Rainfast in one hour
  • Flexible application rates
Pack SizeApplication RateWater Volume
2ltr 1-2ltr/ha 200ltrs/ha


MAPP No: 14518

Contains 45g/l pinoxaden

Rescue is a selective herbicide for the control of ryegrass infestations in fine turf swards. In just one or two applications over a season, Rescue can reduce ryegrass and with the help of over-seeding, reinstate finer species to create consistent high quality playing surfaces.

  • Effective control of ryegrass
  • Safe for use on fescues and Poa annua
  • For use on golf courses and bowling greens
Pack SizeApplication RateWater Volume
1ltr 1-1.332ltr/ha 200ltrs/ha


MAPP No: 14327

Contains 1.5% w/w carfentrazone-ethyl and 60% w/w mecoprop-p

Jewel is a powerful weed and moss killer combining two active ingredients. Carfentrazone-ethyl is a broadleaf, post emergence herbicide and mecoprop-p is a systemic. This combination provides broad spectrum control of a host of turf weeds and moss.

  • Controls weeds and moss
  • Two modes of action
  • Suitable for all areas of amenity turf
Pack SizeApplication RateWater Volume
1.5kg 1.5kgs/ha 500ltrs/ha

Compitox Plus

MAPP No: 14390

Contains 600g / l mecoprop-P

Compitox is a selective herbicide for the control of a wide range of broad-leaved weeds in amenity grassland and managed amenity turf.

The active ingredient is absorbed by both the leaf and roots and is rapidly translocated throughout the target weed.

  • Can be tank-mixed with Depitox and Relay Turf Elite for broader spectrum control
  • Works in cooler conditions
  • Excellent clover control
Pack SizeApplication RateWater Volume
10ltr 1.5-2.4ltrs/ha 200-400ltrs/ha

Vitax Lawn Clear RTU

MAPP No: 15195

Contains: 6.3g/l clopyralid, 27g/l 2,4-D and 31.5g MCPA

Vitax lawn clear RTU is a powerful weed treatment in an easy to use, pre-mixed solution for application to all areas of fine and coarse turf.

  • Controls clover, dandelion, daisy, buttercup and plantain
  • Suitable for localised application to golf greens
  • Regular use through the growing season reduces the need for blanket application
  • RTU – simply pump trigger and adjust nozzle accordingly
Pack Size
12 x 750mls

Selective Herbicide Product Selector

ProductDepitoxJewelMogulRelay Turf EliteInterfixCabadexCabadex & 2,4DCompitox
Autumn Hawkbit          
Bird’s foot-trefoil            
Black Medick              
Bristly Oxtongue          
Cat’s ear          
Common Chickweed          
Common Mouse-ear  
Common Sorrel      
Creeping Buttercup  
Creeping Cinquefoil          
Fat Hen          
Field Penny-cress            
Heath Bedstraw            
Mouse-ear Hawkweed            
Plantain spp    
Slender Speedwell          
Stork’s bill              
White Clover  
Yellow Suckling Clover          

This table is a guide only. Please consult your regional Countrywide technical representative for the best advice on rates, timing of application, tank mixing and adjuvant options.