Soil & Lake Treatments

Zeolite Plus

Clinoptilolite zeolite amendment is a naturally occurring non-toxic mineral rock of volcanic origin. It has the ability to absorb and retain water and via its unique crystalline structure, it releases nutrient into the root zone when the plant demands. Zeolite Plus has all the benefits of Zeolite with the addition of seaweed which will supply vital calcium and slow release trace elements.

  • Boosts cation exchange capacity
  • Improves percolation rates
  • Relieves compaction
  • 100% natural
Pack SizeApplication Rate
25kg 25kg 70-140g/m2


Naturvigor is a composted cow manure and humic acid soil conditioner for use in all coarse turf situations including golf tees, fairways, sports pitches and racecourses.

The high organic matter (32.5%) and humic acid (18.1%) content make this product ideal for use on impoverished, sandy soils.

  • 1.1.1 analysis with added iron and micronutrients
  • Humic acid content aids root development and germination
  • Improves soil nutrient retention and maximises fertiliser efficacy
  • Ideal for use during renovation and overseeding
AnalysisPack SizeApplication RateWater Volume
1.1.1 25kg 35-50g/m2 4-8 weeks

Greens-Grade Gypsum

Greens-Grade Gypsum is a mini granular form of calcium sulphate with an average granule size of 1mm and is suitable for application to greens, tees and fairway areas. Greens-Grade Gypsum is suitable for use in high salt situations where excesses of sodium are present in the rootzone and the calcium contained in Greens-Grade Gypsum is required to replace sodium in the soil.

  • Designed to de-flocculate high sodium content soils and facilitate efficient drainage
  • Rapid particle breakdown
  • Will not increase or decrease soil pH
  • Can increase water and nutrient availability in sandy soils
Pack SizeApplication Rate
25kg 25-50g/m2


MAPP No: 13289

Contains 500g/l carbendazim

Carbendazim effectively surpresses earthworm casting. Casts are produced seasonally, during the spring and autumn when conditions are conducive. Beneficial worms, which do not surface feed, will be largely unaffected by Ringer.

  • Suitable for all amenity turf
  • Non-casting worms are largely unaffected
  • Can be applied every 4 months to maintain control
Pack SizeApplication RateWater Volume
5ltr 4ltrs/ha 500-1000ltrs/ha

Sodium Knockout 5.0.0 +6% Ca

KnockOut is a new and unique combination product that contains readily available calcium and a natural surfactant/wetting agent from yucca. It is an effective tool to reduce sodium levels in soils or bicarbonate accumulation from irrigation water. KnockOut quickly penetrates even the most difficult soils. It will also increase the permeability of soils while reducing soluble salts that build up in soils from high water salinity. It can be used on soilless media where excessive salt accumulation (rather than build up) often occurs from continued use of pesticides and high salt fertilisers.

KnockOut’s calcium is in a 100% soluble form that is immediately available to react with the sodium, unlike gypsum based products. Calcium cation ranges between 65 - 70% (Cation Exchange Capacity - CEC). CEC measures the soil’s ability to hold nutrients such as potassium (K), magnesium (Mg), and calcium (Ca) as well as other positively charged ions such as sodium (Na) and hydrogen(H). It is a much safer alternative to chlorides and sulphates. KnockOut will improve soil structure, enhance better rooting, water infiltration and improve overall turf quality.

  • Reduces soil and water salinity
  • Reduces dry spots and improves water filtration
  • Improves soil structure
  • Enhances root growth & nutrient uptake
  • Reduces Bicarbonates
AnalysisPack SizeApplication RateWater Volume
5.0.0 10ltr 10-20ltrs/ha 600ltrs/ha

Usage Period



BioBoost is the latest in soil conditioning technology, encouraging healthy soil, reducing organic matter accumulation and suppressing anaerobic conditions. BioBoost contains Hydrogen peroxide, adding a form of liquid oxygen compounds to the soil profile, stimulating soil microorganisms and aiding turf respiration.

Modern sports turf rootzones, managed to provide firm and fast surfaces, are often compacted, display poor rooting and become anaerobic in time, through excessive watering. BioBoost, in conjunction with a regular aeration programme, will increase the oxygen content of the profile, providing a less favourable environment for sulphur respiring bacteria and reduce disease potential.

BioBoost can be tank mixed with other liquids that are targeting the soil profile; wetting agents, insecticides & bio-stimulants. For Black layer and anaerobic conditions, aerate soil to desired depth and apply BioBoost at a rate of 20-30ltrs per ha, every 3-4 weeks until conditions have improved. For general maintenance, apply 10-15ltrs/ha every 4-6 weeks.

  • Adds oxygen to the soil
  • Improves nutrient availability
  • Promotes roots
  • Eliminates black layer
  • Enhances cultural methods
  • Promotes healthy microbial activity
Pack SizeApplication RateWater Volume
10ltr 10ltrs/ha 600ltrs/ha

Usage Period

Soil Conditioner

pH Reducer

pH Reducer is designed for soil and water applications, where the pH needs to be lowered into a more acidic range. Citric Acid solution is an organic based material that is a natural and environmentally sound management tool for lowering alkaline soil conditions.

Soil Conditioner

Many calcareous soils have very high pH ranges (above 7) that make turf grass maintenance difficult. This also tends to tie up many micronutrients, leaving turf grasses chlorotic. USGA spec sands and top dressings usually have a high pH and need to be lowered to an ideal range of 6 to 6.5 pH. Some soils contain high levels of minors that are often in an unavailable, oxidized form not available for plant uptake. By applying citric acid solutions, minors can be chelated and made more available for turf grasses. pH reducer can be used in place of sulphuric acid and ammonium sulphate.

Water pH Reducer

Many water supplies have very high pH levels, and continuous application of this water will tend to raise the pH of many soils. By adding citric acid solution, hard water levels can be lowered. This will also reduce the possibility of soil pH drifting upwards. The buff§er capacity of every water supply differs. Slowly add citric acid to a tank mix and check with a pH meter or litmus paper until the desired pH is reached. If tank mix is not used the same day it is mixed, check pH again and adjust if necessary.

Tank Mix Buffer Solution

Many herbicides and fungicides require an acidic tank mix solution to assure the best efficacy. Slowly add citric acid to a tank mix and check with a pH meter or litmus paper until the desired pH is reached.

  • Soil and Water pH conditioner
  • Controls Algae
  • Soil pH reducer
  • Tank Mix Buffer Solution
AnalysisPack SizeApplication RateWater Volume
Soil Conditioner 10ltr 20ltrs/ha 600ltrs/ha
Water pH reducer 10ltr 100mls 300ltr
(Test water and repeat until desired pH is achieved).

Usage Period

Soil Conditioner

Jet Black – EZ Solupack

Jet Black EZ Solupak is a blend of environmentally friendly, non-toxic, water soluble black dyes formulated to reduce sunlight penetration. Use can help to control algae and submerged weeds by blocking light and thus reducing photosynthesis. Jet Black imparts a natural black colour when applied to any water feature. The Jet Black EZ SoluPaks are protected by a unique, waterproof, foil lined overpack to prevent accidental staining when handling.

  • Black, reflective colour
  • Helps combat algae and submerged weeds
  • Unique packaging that eliminates the risk of staining during handling
Pack SizeApplication Rate
148g 1 sachet will treat 1,233,000ltrs of water