Spreaders, Sprayers, Storage & Equipment

Fertiliser Spreaders

Accupro 2000

The AccuPro 2000 is a professional rotary spreader for multi-use.

  • Larger 139 Turf Saver 2 pneumatic wheels for an easier push
  • Larger diameter frame is more durable
  • Patented Helical Cone for a uniform, consistent spread pattern
  • Extended handle with tuff-foam grips for added comfort


SR2000 rotary spreader has all the features of the AccuPro plus:

  • New and improved larger diameter, more durable stainless steel frame
  • Positive on-off side deflector provides effective product delivery control
  • Standard port shut-off control for greater application efficiency

SS-2 – Drop Spreader

  • Stainless steel frame. Hopper and fastners provides outstanding durability and corrosion resistance
  • Larger 139 Turf Saver 2 pneumatic wheels for easier operator use
  • Extended ergonomic handle is more durable
  • Lift handles in the front and back for easier loading and unloading
  • Not suitable for coated controlled release products

Knapsack Sprayers

Chapin 62000 Tree & Turf Pro

Chapin are world leaders in the manufacture of compressed air sprayers ever since the first US patented pump sprayer in 1902. World class precision manufacturing, progressive technology, and design methods enables Chapin to provide the best quality and value applicators for their needs.

  • 15 litre professional sprayer
  • Brass lance
  • Plated steel stand and handle
  • 4 stage filter system
  • Constant flow valve
  • Lumbar support and cushioned back support

Chapin Pro 26031

  • 11.4ltr professional sprayer
  • No leak seals
  • Easy pumping

Chemical Storage

We offer a comprehensive range of chemical safes that comply with codes of practice and legal requirements for storage of crop protection products, including flammables. They are available in a range of sizes and specification.

These include:

Transit boxes

Capacity: 30 or 40ltrs


Capacity: 180, 270, 350, 550 & 700ltrs

180ltrs 270ltrs 350ltrs
180 ltrs 270 ltrs 350 ltrs
550ltrs 700ltrs
550 ltrs 700 ltrs