Countrywide Services & Contacts

Countrywide Services

Countrywide offer a wide range of nutrient and water analysis to aid the professional turf grower. These include:

  • Soil nutrient analysis
  • Leaf tissue analysis
  • Water analysis
  • Soil and water salinity testing
  • Physical soil analysis for aggregate compatibility
  • Weed, disease & nematode identification

Following independent laboratory testing and interpretation, results are produced and presented by our BASIS qualified staff. This information can be used to produce site specific recommendations and programmes to suit all aspects of professional turf management.

Contact Us

Sam Honeyborne
Turf & Amenity Business Manager
Mobile: 07789 935208 Email: [email protected]
Cheryl Loader Sales Support Manager
Head Office Phone: 01386 429 851 Email: [email protected]
Peter Holmstrom Sales Manager
Wales, Herefordshire & Worcestershire
Mobile: 07876 440599 Email: [email protected]
Phil Garrod Sports Turf Manager
Mobile: 07342 054813 Email: [email protected]
Jamie Starr Regional Techincal Sales Manager
Gloucestershire, Wiltshire & Somerset
Mobile: 07825 314276 Email: [email protected]
Neil Rogers Regional Techincal Sales Manager
Devon & Cornwall
Mobile: 07824 635908 Email: [email protected]
Geoff Fenn
Regional Techincal Sales Manager
The Midlands, East Midlands, Warwickshire & Cambridgeshire
Mobile: 07774416429 Email: [email protected]
David Smart Regional Techincal Sales Manager
Middlesex, South London & Berkshire
Mobile: 07887 877328 Email: [email protected]
Russell Riley Regional Techincal Sales Manager
Dorset, Hampshire, Sussex & Surrey
Mobile: 07824 826974 Email: [email protected]
Roger Clark Regional Techincal Sales Manager
Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire & Oxfordshire
Mobile: 07825 152536 Email: [email protected]
Kelly-Marie Clack Regional Techincal Sales Manager
Staffordshire, Derbyshire, North Wales & Shropshire
Mobile: 07730 494327 Email: [email protected]
James Stevens Regional Techincal Sales Manager
Lancashire, Cheshire & Yorkshire
Mobile: 07775 702523 Email: [email protected]